The Program for the Retention and Enrichment of Successful Students (PRESS) is a grant-funded program has been created to increase the retention of first-generation college students from all academic disciplines at minority-serving institutions. This program is academically- focused and will help foster student development and build skills in critical thinking, creative writing, and time management through classroom-based strategies. PRESS was specifically designed to address the difficulties that first-generation college students face transitioning into the collegiate environment. PRESS will strengthen curriculum and support structures so that students who enter their collegiate careers underprepared can become a successful member of the academic community.

Built on the foundations of a Community of Learning, PRESS provides an enriching environment, centered on balancing a rigorous academic schedule with meaningful extracurricular activities. PRESS requires the completion of two core courses (for which elective course credits will be granted) designed to increase students’ ability to synthesize interdisciplinary information. Assigned to faculty and peer advisors who will guide you through your matriculation at Hampton University, you will also have the opportunity to engage in a dynamic one-on-one student experience.

If accepted, you will be a part of the first cohort of Hampton University students to participate in PRESS. Applicants who are selected for this program will receive a $100 textbook stipend during the first semester at the University and will have the opportunity to participate in customized courses and seminars during the 2010-2012 academic years. Students in the program will also be afforded the opportunity to participate in service activities, graduate school preparatory courses and free tutoring and mentorship. Additionally, students who complete the first year of the program will be eligible to win one of ten $500 merit-based scholarships!

We are excited about the launching of this new program, and invite you to submit your application no later than June 30, 2011.